Draft programme

Oct. 5

10.00h – 13.30h

Registration of the participants
Welcome address
Presentation of participants
C. Rosenzweig – CCRN
M. Mayr – UN Habitat
J.B. Auby – Sciences Po – Paris

15.00h – 18.00h / Module “Science”

Science-based pathways to urban resilience

  • Urban climate trends – S. Joussaume
  • Natural capital for climate change adaptation and mitigation – L. Abbadie
  • Managing threats to human health – S. Morand

Oct. 6

10.00h – 13.00h / Module “Science”

Science-based pathways to urban resilience

  • Supporting dialogue on the role of science for climate change – J.P. Vanderlinden
  • Recommendations for policy-makers – C. Pacteau

15.00h – 18.00h

WORKSHOP: Grey and green infrastructure – M. Barra

Oct. 7

10.00h – 13.00h / Module “Law & Government”

Institutional frameworks and tools to urban resilience

  • The law of the cities facing climate changing – G. della Cananea
  • Private Public Partnership to urban resilience – Y. Marique Smart cities as a pathway to resilience – A. Fioritto
  • Emergency Law: strategies for a civic protection – C. Iaione

15.00h – 18.00h / Module “Law & Government”

Institutional frameworks and tools to urban resilience

  • Climate sustainability and public funding – V. Manzetti, V. Brigante
  • Expanding environmental policies to urban resilience – F. Carpita
  • Towards an integrated approach to urban matters and the role of local administrative tools: urban planning, institutional collaboration and resources – E.Tatì
  • Governing metropolitan areas: international and national experiences – M. Lunardelli

Oct. 8

10.00h – 13.00h / Module “Planning & Building”

Technics and practices to increase urban resilience
Urban Climate Design Workshop with UCCRN (Urban Climate Change Research Network) experts

  • Climate change and cities: UCCRN ARC3 – 2 – C. Braneon
  • Climate Resilient urban planning and urban design principles and methods: findings from the UCCRN ARC3 – 2 Report. – J. Raven, M. Leone
  • Case study cities: insights from the UCCRN UCDW workshop series – E. Tersigni, L. Godinho
  • Coupling climate and community resilience: knowledge-sharing and co-design approaches – C. Visconti
  • Achieving environmental quality and climate resiliency: tools and solutions – G. Mills, M. Esposito

15.00h – 18.00h / Module “Planning & Building”

Design workshop (facilitated by UCCRN team)

  1. Building a vision for future cities
  2. Building multi-disciplinary expertise
  3. Post-its / design sketch session
  4. Wrap-up and final presentation by students

Oct. 9

10.00h – 13.00h

Final workshop: discussion and presentation of best practices and delivery of the certificate to the partecipants

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Prof. Alfredo Fioritto

Dott. Francesca Carpita

Dott. Marco Lunardelli

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