Summer School Overview

This Course is the result of a partnership of UN Habitat, the University of Pisa and a network of specialised universities and institutions. It tackles the complex issue of governing climate resilient cities, assessing in a comparative fashion best practices and solutions. The Course targets primarily policy makers, public servants and practitioners, presenting theoretical and academic contents with a hands-on and practical approach. The Director of the School is Prof. Alfredo Fioritto.


The Course aims to provide participants with analytical tools to better understand and address the governance challenges climate change produces on the urban and metropolitan dimensions. It specifically concentrates on how to best govern climate resilient cities.

Target Group

The Course targets executives, policy makers, public servants, city managers, urban planners, emergency experts and other international staff, development workers. It will also benefit researchers and academics in the field who are interested in deepening the governance related aspects of climate change impacts on city management.

Further Information for the speakers

The Course needs a minimum of 15 participants to be activated (at 30 May 2020).
Coursework will be held at the Sapienza Palace of the University of Pisa.

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